Can you make a custom piece for me?

Most likely.  Please send requests through the contact page.

Do you offer wholesale pricing for retailers?

Yes, please contact us and we'll share our wholesale catalog.

How long do I have to wait to receive my purchase?

It should be at your door within 1-2 weeks.  Contact us if you need an update or tracking information.

How do I hang them?

All pieces come with a key hole routed into the back (including our cheeseboards).  Hardware is not included.

Do your pieces require any special care?

Generally, your DMWR wall hanging should require little to no future care.

The light colored area is raw, untreated wood, while the darker area has been treated with Teak Oil.  The piece should retain it's color and vibrance, however, should you find it necessary, you may apply a thin coat of natural Teak Oil over time.

Our Cheeseboards do require regular maintenance.  They are treated with a food-safe mineral oil, and as with any cutting board, you can reapply every 6-12 months, or as necessary.

Cheese Board_Heart_Detail_Stage_1.jpg